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Rappole, John H., Aung, Thein, Rasmussen, Pamela C. and Renner, Swen C. 2011. Ornithological Exploration in the Southeastern Sub-Himalayan Region of Myanmar. In: Ornithological Monographs. pp.10-29.

Renner, Swen C., Rasmussen, Pamela C., Rappole, John H., Aung, Thein and Aung, Myint. 2009. Discovery of the Large Blue Flycatcher Cyornis [banyumas] magnirostris breeding in northern Kachin State (Burma/Myanmar) and taxonomic implications for the Cyornis-group. Journal of Ornithology, 150(3): 671-683. doi:10.1007/s10336-009-0395-1

Rappole, John H., Rasmussen, Pamela C., Aung, T., Milensky, Christopher M. and Renner, Swen C. 2008. Observations on a new species: the Naung Mung Scimitar-Babbler Jabouilleia naungmungensis. Ibis, 150(3): 623-627. doi:10.1111/j.1474-919X.2008.00815.x

Renner, Swen C., Rappole, John H., Rasmussen, Pamela C., Aung, T., Aung, M., Shwe, N. M., Dumbacher, John P. and Fleischer, Robert C. 2008. A new subspecies of Tesia olivea (Sylviidae) from Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand. Journal of Ornithology, 149(3): 439-450. doi:10.1007/s10336-008-0277-y

Rasmussen, Pamela C., Rappole, John H. and Anderton, J. 1995. New records for birds from the Union of Myanmar. Oriental Bird Club Bulletin, May: 000