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TESS Observations of the WASP-121 b Phase CurveDaylan, TansuGünther, Maximilian N.Mikal-Evans, ThomasSing, David K.Wong, IanShporer, AviNiraula, Prajwalde Wit, JulienKoll, Daniel D. B.Parmentier, VivienFetherolf, TaraKane, Stephen R.Ricker, George R.Vanderspek, RolandSeager, S.Winn, Joshua N.Jenkins, Jon M.Caldwell, Douglas A.Charbonneau, DavidHenze, Christopher E.Paegert, MartinRinehart, StephenRose, MarkSha, LizhouQuintana, ElisaVillasenor, Jesus NoelDOI: info:10.3847/1538-3881/abd8d2v. 161131
Daylan, Tansu, Günther, Maximilian N., Mikal-Evans, Thomas, Sing, David K., Wong, Ian, Shporer, Avi, Niraula, Prajwal, de Wit, Julien, Koll, Daniel D. B., Parmentier, Vivien, Fetherolf, Tara, Kane, Stephen R., Ricker, George R., Vanderspek, Roland, Seager, S., Winn, Joshua N., Jenkins, Jon M., Caldwell, Douglas A., Charbonneau, David, Henze, Christopher E., Paegert, Martin, Rinehart, Stephen, Rose, Mark, Sha, Lizhou, Quintana, Elisa et al. 2021. "TESS Observations of the WASP-121 b Phase Curve." The Astronomical Journal 161:131.
ID: 159326
Type: article
Authors: Daylan, Tansu; Günther, Maximilian N.; Mikal-Evans, Thomas; Sing, David K.; Wong, Ian; Shporer, Avi; Niraula, Prajwal; de Wit, Julien; Koll, Daniel D. B.; Parmentier, Vivien; Fetherolf, Tara; Kane, Stephen R.; Ricker, George R.; Vanderspek, Roland; Seager, S.; Winn, Joshua N.; Jenkins, Jon M.; Caldwell, Douglas A.; Charbonneau, David; Henze, Christopher E.; Paegert, Martin; Rinehart, Stephen; Rose, Mark; Sha, Lizhou; Quintana, Elisa; Villasenor, Jesus Noel
Abstract: We study the red-optical photometry of the ultrahot Jupiter WASP-121 b as observed by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) and model its atmosphere through a radiative transfer simulation. Given its short orbital period of ∼1.275 days, inflated state, and bright host star, WASP-121 b is exceptionally favorable for detailed atmospheric characterization. Toward this purpose, we use allesfitter to characterize its full red-optical phase curve, including the planetary phase modulation and secondary eclipse. We measure the day- and nightside brightness temperatures in the TESS passband as ${3012}_{-42}^{+40}$ and ${2022}_{-602}^{+254}$ K, respectively, and do not find a statistically significant phase shift between the brightest and substellar points. This is consistent with inefficient heat recirculation on the planet. We then perform an atmospheric retrieval analysis to infer the dayside atmospheric properties of WASP-121 b, such as its bulk composition, albedo, and heat recirculation. We confirm the temperature inversion in the atmosphere and suggest H-, TiO, and VO as potential causes of the inversion, absorbing heat at optical wavelengths at low pressures. Future Hubble Space Telescope and James Webb Space Telescope observations of WASP-121 b will benefit from its first full phase curve measured by TESS.
KELT-9 b's Asymmetric TESS Transit Caused by Rapid Stellar Rotation and Spin-Orbit MisalignmentAhlers, John P.Johnson, Marshall C.Stassun, Keivan G.Colón, Knicole D.Barnes, Jason W.Stevens, Daniel J.Beatty, ThomasGaudi, B. ScottCollins, Karen A.Rodriguez, Joseph E.Ricker, GeorgeVanderspek, RolandLatham, DavidSeager, SaraWinn, JoshuaJenkins, Jon M.Caldwell, Douglas A.Goeke, Robert F.Osborn, Hugh P.Paegert, MartinRowden, PamTenenbaum, PeterDOI: info:10.3847/1538-3881/ab8fa3v. 1604
Ahlers, John P., Johnson, Marshall C., Stassun, Keivan G., Colón, Knicole D., Barnes, Jason W., Stevens, Daniel J., Beatty, Thomas, Gaudi, B. Scott, Collins, Karen A., Rodriguez, Joseph E., Ricker, George, Vanderspek, Roland, Latham, David, Seager, Sara, Winn, Joshua, Jenkins, Jon M., Caldwell, Douglas A., Goeke, Robert F., Osborn, Hugh P., Paegert, Martin, Rowden, Pam, and Tenenbaum, Peter. 2020. "KELT-9 b's Asymmetric TESS Transit Caused by Rapid Stellar Rotation and Spin-Orbit Misalignment." The Astronomical Journal 160:4.
ID: 157618
Type: article
Authors: Ahlers, John P.; Johnson, Marshall C.; Stassun, Keivan G.; Colón, Knicole D.; Barnes, Jason W.; Stevens, Daniel J.; Beatty, Thomas; Gaudi, B. Scott; Collins, Karen A.; Rodriguez, Joseph E.; Ricker, George; Vanderspek, Roland; Latham, David; Seager, Sara; Winn, Joshua; Jenkins, Jon M.; Caldwell, Douglas A.; Goeke, Robert F.; Osborn, Hugh P.; Paegert, Martin; Rowden, Pam; Tenenbaum, Peter
Abstract: KELT-9 b is an ultra-hot Jupiter transiting a rapidly rotating, oblate early-A-type star in a polar orbit. We model the effect of rapid stellar rotation on KELT-9 b's transit light curve using photometry from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite to constrain the planet's true spin-orbit angle and to explore how KELT-9 b may be influenced by stellar gravity darkening. We constrain the host star's equatorial radius to be 1.089 ± 0.017 times as large as its polar radius and its local surface brightness to vary by ∼38% between its hot poles and cooler equator. We model the stellar oblateness and surface brightness gradient and find that it causes the transit light curve to lack the usual symmetry around the time of minimum light. We take advantage of the light-curve asymmetry to constrain KELT-9 b's true spin-orbit angle ( ${87^\circ }_{{-11}^{^\circ }}^{{+10}^{^\circ }}$ ), agreeing with Gaudi et al. that KELT-9 b is in a nearly polar orbit. We also apply a gravity-darkening correction to the spectral energy distribution model from Gaudi et al. and find that accounting for rapid rotation gives a better fit to available spectroscopy and yields a more reliable estimate for the star's polar effective temperature.
HD 191939: Three Sub-Neptunes Transiting a Sun-like Star Only 54 pc AwayBadenas-Agusti, MarionaGünther, Maximilian N.Daylan, TansuMikal-Evans, ThomasVanderburg, AndrewHuang, Chelsea X.Matthews, ElisabethRackham, Benjamin V.Bieryla, AllysonStassun, Keivan G.Kane, Stephen R.Shporer, AviFulton, Benjamin J.Hill, Michelle L.Nowak, GrzegorzRibas, IgnasiPallé, EnricJenkins, Jon M.Latham, David W.Seager, SaraRicker, George R.Vanderspek, Roland K.Winn, Joshua N.Abril-Pla, OriolCollins, Karen A.Serra, Pere GuerraNiraula, PrajwalRustamkulov, ZafarBarclay, ThomasCrossfield, Ian J. M.Howell, Steve B.Ciardi, David R.Gonzales, Erica J.Schlieder, Joshua E.Caldwell, Douglas A.Fausnaugh, MichaelMcDermott, ScottPaegert, MartinPepper, JoshuaRose, Mark E.Twicken, Joseph D.DOI: info:10.3847/1538-3881/aba0b5v. 160113
Badenas-Agusti, Mariona, Günther, Maximilian N., Daylan, Tansu, Mikal-Evans, Thomas, Vanderburg, Andrew, Huang, Chelsea X., Matthews, Elisabeth, Rackham, Benjamin V., Bieryla, Allyson, Stassun, Keivan G., Kane, Stephen R., Shporer, Avi, Fulton, Benjamin J., Hill, Michelle L., Nowak, Grzegorz, Ribas, Ignasi, Pallé, Enric, Jenkins, Jon M., Latham, David W., Seager, Sara, Ricker, George R., Vanderspek, Roland K., Winn, Joshua N., Abril-Pla, Oriol, Collins, Karen A. et al. 2020. "HD 191939: Three Sub-Neptunes Transiting a Sun-like Star Only 54 pc Away." The Astronomical Journal 160:113.
ID: 158027
Type: article
Authors: Badenas-Agusti, Mariona; Günther, Maximilian N.; Daylan, Tansu; Mikal-Evans, Thomas; Vanderburg, Andrew; Huang, Chelsea X.; Matthews, Elisabeth; Rackham, Benjamin V.; Bieryla, Allyson; Stassun, Keivan G.; Kane, Stephen R.; Shporer, Avi; Fulton, Benjamin J.; Hill, Michelle L.; Nowak, Grzegorz; Ribas, Ignasi; Pallé, Enric; Jenkins, Jon M.; Latham, David W.; Seager, Sara; Ricker, George R.; Vanderspek, Roland K.; Winn, Joshua N.; Abril-Pla, Oriol; Collins, Karen A.; Serra, Pere Guerra; Niraula, Prajwal; Rustamkulov, Zafar; Barclay, Thomas; Crossfield, Ian J. M.; Howell, Steve B.; Ciardi, David R.; Gonzales, Erica J.; Schlieder, Joshua E.; Caldwell, Douglas A.; Fausnaugh, Michael; McDermott, Scott; Paegert, Martin; Pepper, Joshua; Rose, Mark E.; Twicken, Joseph D.
Abstract: We present the discovery of three sub-Neptune-sized planets transiting the nearby and bright Sun-like star HD 191939 (TIC 269701147, TOI 1339), a Ks = 7.18 mag G8 V dwarf at a distance of only 54 pc. We validate the planetary nature of the transit signals by combining 5 months of data from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite with follow-up ground-based photometry, archival optical images, radial velocities, and high angular resolution observations. The three sub-Neptunes have similar radii ( ${R}_{{\rm{b}}}={3.42}_{-0.11}^{+0.11}$ , ${R}_{{\rm{c}}}={3.23}_{-0.11}^{+0.11}$ , and ${R}_{{\rm{d}}}={3.16}_{-0.11}^{+0.11}\,{R}_{\oplus }$ ), and their orbits are consistent with a stable, circular, and coplanar architecture near mean-motion resonances of 1:3 and 3:4 (Pb = 8.88, Pc = 28.58, and Pd = 38.35 days). The HD 191939 system is an excellent candidate for precise mass determinations of the planets with high-resolution spectroscopy due to the host star's brightness and low chromospheric activity. Moreover, the system's compact and near-resonant nature can provide an independent way to measure planetary masses via transit timing variations while also enabling dynamical and evolutionary studies. Finally, as a promising target for multiwavelength transmission spectroscopy of all three planets' atmospheres, HD 191939 can offer valuable insight into multiple sub-Neptunes born from a protoplanetary disk that may have resembled that of the early Sun.
TESS Delivers Its First Earth-sized Planet and a Warm Sub-NeptuneDragomir, DianaTeske, JohannaGünther, Maximilian N.Ségransan, DamienBurt, Jennifer A.Huang, Chelsea X.Vanderburg, AndrewMatthews, ElisabethDumusque, XavierStassun, Keivan G.Pepper, JoshuaRicker, George R.Vanderspek, RolandLatham, David W.Seager, SaraWinn, Joshua N.Jenkins, Jon M.Beatty, ThomasBouchy, FrançoisBrown, Timothy M.Butler, R. PaulCiardi, David R.Crane, Jeffrey D.Eastman, Jason D.Fossati, LucaFrancis, JimFulton, Benjamin J.Gaudi, B. ScottGoeke, Robert F.James, DavidKlaus, Todd C.Kuhn, Rudolf B.Lovis, ChristopheLund, Michael B.McDermott, ScottPaegert, MartinPepe, FrancescoRodriguez, Joseph E.Sha, LizhouShectman, Stephen A.Shporer, AviSiverd, Robert J.Garcia Soto, AylinStevens, Daniel J.Twicken, Joseph D.Udry, StéphaneVillanueva, Steven, Jr.Wang, Sharon X.Wohler, BillYao, XinyuZhan, ZhuchangDOI: info:10.3847/2041-8213/ab12edv. 875L7
Dragomir, Diana, Teske, Johanna, Günther, Maximilian N., Ségransan, Damien, Burt, Jennifer A., Huang, Chelsea X., Vanderburg, Andrew, Matthews, Elisabeth, Dumusque, Xavier, Stassun, Keivan G., Pepper, Joshua, Ricker, George R., Vanderspek, Roland, Latham, David W., Seager, Sara, Winn, Joshua N., Jenkins, Jon M., Beatty, Thomas, Bouchy, François, Brown, Timothy M., Butler, R. Paul, Ciardi, David R., Crane, Jeffrey D., Eastman, Jason D., Fossati, Luca et al. 2019. "TESS Delivers Its First Earth-sized Planet and a Warm Sub-Neptune." The Astrophysical Journal 875:L7.
ID: 155321
Type: article
Authors: Dragomir, Diana; Teske, Johanna; Günther, Maximilian N.; Ségransan, Damien; Burt, Jennifer A.; Huang, Chelsea X.; Vanderburg, Andrew; Matthews, Elisabeth; Dumusque, Xavier; Stassun, Keivan G.; Pepper, Joshua; Ricker, George R.; Vanderspek, Roland; Latham, David W.; Seager, Sara; Winn, Joshua N.; Jenkins, Jon M.; Beatty, Thomas; Bouchy, François; Brown, Timothy M.; Butler, R. Paul; Ciardi, David R.; Crane, Jeffrey D.; Eastman, Jason D.; Fossati, Luca; Francis, Jim; Fulton, Benjamin J.; Gaudi, B. Scott; Goeke, Robert F.; James, David; Klaus, Todd C.; Kuhn, Rudolf B.; Lovis, Christophe; Lund, Michael B.; McDermott, Scott; Paegert, Martin; Pepe, Francesco; Rodriguez, Joseph E.; Sha, Lizhou; Shectman, Stephen A.; Shporer, Avi; Siverd, Robert J.; Garcia Soto, Aylin; Stevens, Daniel J.; Twicken, Joseph D.; Udry, Stéphane; Villanueva, Steven, Jr.; Wang, Sharon X.; Wohler, Bill; Yao, Xinyu; Zhan, Zhuchang
Abstract: The future of exoplanet science is bright, as Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) once again demonstrates with the discovery of its longest-period confirmed planet to date. We hereby present HD 21749b (TOI 186.01), a sub-Neptune in a 36 day orbit around a bright (V = 8.1) nearby (16 pc) K4.5 dwarf. TESS measures HD 21749b to be {2.61}-0.16+0.17 R , and combined archival and follow-up precision radial velocity data put the mass of the planet at {22.7}-1.9+2.2 M . HD 21749b contributes to the TESS Level 1 Science Requirement of providing 50 transiting planets smaller than 4 R with measured masses. Furthermore, we report the discovery of HD 21749c (TOI 186.02), the first Earth-sized ({R}p={0.892}-0.058+0.064{R}\oplus ) planet from TESS. The HD 21749 system is a prime target for comparative studies of planetary composition and architecture in multi- planet systems. This Letter includes data gathered with the 6.5 m Magellan Telescopes located at Las Campanas Observatory, Chile.
A Hot Saturn Orbiting an Oscillating Late Subgiant Discovered by TESSHuber, DanielChaplin, William J.Chontos, AshleyKjeldsen, HansChristensen-Dalsgaard, JørgenBedding, Timothy R.Ball, WarrickBrahm, RafaelEspinoza, NestorHenning, ThomasJordán, AndrésSarkis, PaulaKnudstrup, EmilAlbrecht, SimonGrundahl, FrankFredslund Andersen, MadsPallé, Pere L.Crossfield, IanFulton, BenjaminHoward, Andrew W.Isaacson, Howard T.Weiss, Lauren M.Handberg, RasmusLund, Mikkel N.Serenelli, Aldo M.Rørsted Mosumgaard, JakobStokholm, AmalieBieryla, AllysonBuchhave, Lars A.Latham, David W.Quinn, Samuel N.Gaidos, EricHirano, TeruyukiRicker, George R.Vanderspek, Roland K.Seager, SaraJenkins, Jon M.Winn, Joshua N.Antia, H. M.Appourchaux, ThierryBasu, SarbaniBell, Keaton J.Benomar, OthmanBonanno, AlfioBuzasi, Derek L.Campante, Tiago L.Çelik Orhan, Z.Corsaro, EnricoCunha, Margarida S.Davies, Guy R.Deheuvels, SebastienGrunblatt, Samuel K.Hasanzadeh, AmirDi Mauro, Maria PiaGarcía, Rafael A.Gaulme, PatrickGirardi, LéoGuzik, Joyce A.Hon, MarcJiang, ChenKallinger, ThomasKawaler, Steven D.Kuszlewicz, James S.Lebreton, YvelineLi, TandaLucas, MilesLundkvist, Mia S.Mann, Andrew W.Mathis, StéphaneMathur, SavitaMazumdar, AnweshMetcalfe, Travis S.Miglio, AndreaMonteiro, Mário J. P. F. G.Mosser, BenoitNoll, AnthonyNsamba, BenardOng, Jia Mian JoelÖrtel, S.Pereira, FilipeRanadive, PriteshRégulo, ClaraRodrigues, Thaíse S.Roxburgh, Ian W.Silva Aguirre, VictorSmalley, BarrySchofield, MathewSousa, Sérgio G.Stassun, Keivan G.Stello, DennisTayar, JamieWhite, Timothy R.Verma, KuldeepVrard, MathieuYıldız, M.Baker, DavidBazot, MichaëlBeichmann, CharlesBergmann, ChristophBugnet, LisaCale, BrysonCarlino, RobertoCartwright, Scott M.Christiansen, Jessie L.Ciardi, David R.Creevey, OrlaghDittmann, Jason A.Do Nascimento, Jose-Dias, Jr.Van Eylen, VincentFürész, GaborGagné, JonathanGao, PeterGazeas, KosmasGiddens, FrankHall, Oliver J.Hekker, SaskiaIreland, Michael J.Latouf, NatashaLeBrun, DannyLevine, Alan M.Matzko, WilliamNatinsky, EvaPage, EmmaPlavchan, PeterMansouri-Samani, MasoudMcCauliff, SeanMullally, Susan E.Orenstein, BrendanGarcia Soto, AylinPaegert, Martinvan Saders, Jennifer L.Schnaible, ChloeSoderblom, David R.Szabó, RóbertTanner, AngelleTinney, C. G.Teske, JohannaThomas, AlexandraTrampedach, RegnerWright, DuncanYuan, Thomas T.Zohrabi, FarzanehDOI: info:10.3847/1538-3881/ab1488v. 157245
Huber, Daniel, Chaplin, William J., Chontos, Ashley, Kjeldsen, Hans, Christensen-Dalsgaard, Jørgen, Bedding, Timothy R., Ball, Warrick, Brahm, Rafael, Espinoza, Nestor, Henning, Thomas, Jordán, Andrés, Sarkis, Paula, Knudstrup, Emil, Albrecht, Simon, Grundahl, Frank, Fredslund Andersen, Mads, Pallé, Pere L., Crossfield, Ian, Fulton, Benjamin, Howard, Andrew W., Isaacson, Howard T., Weiss, Lauren M., Handberg, Rasmus, Lund, Mikkel N., Serenelli, Aldo M. et al. 2019. "A Hot Saturn Orbiting an Oscillating Late Subgiant Discovered by TESS." The Astronomical Journal 157:245.
ID: 152885
Type: article
Authors: Huber, Daniel; Chaplin, William J.; Chontos, Ashley; Kjeldsen, Hans; Christensen-Dalsgaard, Jørgen; Bedding, Timothy R.; Ball, Warrick; Brahm, Rafael; Espinoza, Nestor; Henning, Thomas; Jordán, Andrés; Sarkis, Paula; Knudstrup, Emil; Albrecht, Simon; Grundahl, Frank; Fredslund Andersen, Mads; Pallé, Pere L.; Crossfield, Ian; Fulton, Benjamin; Howard, Andrew W.; Isaacson, Howard T.; Weiss, Lauren M.; Handberg, Rasmus; Lund, Mikkel N.; Serenelli, Aldo M.; Rørsted Mosumgaard, Jakob; Stokholm, Amalie; Bieryla, Allyson; Buchhave, Lars A.; Latham, David W.; Quinn, Samuel N.; Gaidos, Eric; Hirano, Teruyuki; Ricker, George R.; Vanderspek, Roland K.; Seager, Sara; Jenkins, Jon M.; Winn, Joshua N.; Antia, H. M.; Appourchaux, Thierry; Basu, Sarbani; Bell, Keaton J.; Benomar, Othman; Bonanno, Alfio; Buzasi, Derek L.; Campante, Tiago L.; Çelik Orhan, Z.; Corsaro, Enrico; Cunha, Margarida S.; Davies, Guy R.; Deheuvels, Sebastien; Grunblatt, Samuel K.; Hasanzadeh, Amir; Di Mauro, Maria Pia; García, Rafael A.; Gaulme, Patrick; Girardi, Léo; Guzik, Joyce A.; Hon, Marc; Jiang, Chen; Kallinger, Thomas; Kawaler, Steven D.; Kuszlewicz, James S.; Lebreton, Yveline; Li, Tanda; Lucas, Miles; Lundkvist, Mia S.; Mann, Andrew W.; Mathis, Stéphane; Mathur, Savita; Mazumdar, Anwesh; Metcalfe, Travis S.; Miglio, Andrea; Monteiro, Mário J. P. F. G.; Mosser, Benoit; Noll, Anthony; Nsamba, Benard; Ong, Jia Mian Joel; Örtel, S.; Pereira, Filipe; Ranadive, Pritesh; Régulo, Clara; Rodrigues, Thaíse S.; Roxburgh, Ian W.; Silva Aguirre, Victor; Smalley, Barry; Schofield, Mathew; Sousa, Sérgio G.; Stassun, Keivan G.; Stello, Dennis; Tayar, Jamie; White, Timothy R.; Verma, Kuldeep; Vrard, Mathieu; Yıldız, M.; Baker, David; Bazot, Michaël; Beichmann, Charles; Bergmann, Christoph; Bugnet, Lisa; Cale, Bryson; Carlino, Roberto; Cartwright, Scott M.; Christiansen, Jessie L.; Ciardi, David R.; Creevey, Orlagh; Dittmann, Jason A.; Do Nascimento, Jose-Dias, Jr.; Van Eylen, Vincent; Fürész, Gabor; Gagné, Jonathan; Gao, Peter; Gazeas, Kosmas; Giddens, Frank; Hall, Oliver J.; Hekker, Saskia; Ireland, Michael J.; Latouf, Natasha; LeBrun, Danny; Levine, Alan M.; Matzko, William; Natinsky, Eva; Page, Emma; Plavchan, Peter; Mansouri-Samani, Masoud; McCauliff, Sean; Mullally, Susan E.; Orenstein, Brendan; Garcia Soto, Aylin; Paegert, Martin; van Saders, Jennifer L.; Schnaible, Chloe; Soderblom, David R.; Szabó, Róbert; Tanner, Angelle; Tinney, C. G.; Teske, Johanna; Thomas, Alexandra; Trampedach, Regner; Wright, Duncan; Yuan, Thomas T.; Zohrabi, Farzaneh
Abstract: We present the discovery of HD 221416 b, the first transiting planet identified by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) for which asteroseismology of the host star is possible. HD 221416 b (HIP 116158, TOI-197) is a bright (V = 8.2 mag), spectroscopically classified subgiant that oscillates with an average frequency of about 430 μHz and displays a clear signature of mixed modes. The oscillation amplitude confirms that the redder TESS bandpass compared to Kepler has a small effect on the oscillations, supporting the expected yield of thousands of solar-like oscillators with TESS 2 minute cadence observations. Asteroseismic modeling yields a robust determination of the host star radius (R = 2.943 ± 0.064 R ), mass (M = 1.212 ± 0.074 M ), and age (4.9 ± 1.1 Gyr), and demonstrates that it has just started ascending the red-giant branch. Combining asteroseismology with transit modeling and radial-velocity observations, we show that the planet is a “hot Saturn” (R p = 9.17 ± 0.33 R ) with an orbital period of ∼14.3 days, irradiance of F = 343 ± 24 F , and moderate mass (M p = 60.5 ± 5.7 M ) and density (ρ p = 0.431 ± 0.062 g cm‑3). The properties of HD 221416 b show that the host-star metallicity–planet mass correlation found in sub-Saturns (4–8 R ) does not extend to larger radii, indicating that planets in the transition between sub-Saturns and Jupiters follow a relatively narrow range of densities. With a density measured to ∼15%, HD 221416 b is one of the best characterized Saturn-size planets to date, augmenting the small number of known transiting planets around evolved stars and demonstrating the power of TESS to characterize exoplanets and their host stars using asteroseismology.
Binospec Software SystemKansky, JanChilingarian, IgorFabricant, DanielMatthews, AnneMoran, SeanPaegert, MartinDuane Gibson, J.Porter, DallanRoll, JohnDOI: info:10.1088/1538-3873/ab1cebv. 131075005
Kansky, Jan, Chilingarian, Igor, Fabricant, Daniel, Matthews, Anne, Moran, Sean, Paegert, Martin, Duane Gibson, J., Porter, Dallan, and Roll, John. 2019. "Binospec Software System." Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 131:075005.
ID: 154169
Type: article
Authors: Kansky, Jan; Chilingarian, Igor; Fabricant, Daniel; Matthews, Anne; Moran, Sean; Paegert, Martin; Duane Gibson, J.; Porter, Dallan; Roll, John
Abstract: Binospec is a high-throughput, 370 to 1000 nm, imaging spectrograph that addresses two adjacent 8′ by 15′ fields of view. Binospec was commissioned in late 2017 at the f/5 focus of the 6.5 m MMT and is now available to all MMT observers. Here we describe the Binospec software used for observation planning, instrument control, and data reduction. The software and control systems incorporate a high level of automation to minimize observer workload. Instrument configuration and observation sequencing is implemented using a database-driven approach to maximize observatory efficiency. A web-based interface allows users to define observations, monitor status, and retrieve data products.
An Eccentric Massive Jupiter Orbiting a Subgiant on a 9.5-day Period Discovered in the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite Full Frame ImagesRodriguez, Joseph E.Quinn, Samuel N.Huang, Chelsea X.Vanderburg, AndrewPenev, KaloyanBrahm, RafaelJordán, AndrésIkwut-Ukwa, MmaTsirulik, ShellyLatham, David W.Stassun, Keivan G.Shporer, AviZiegler, CarlMatthews, ElisabethEastman, Jason D.Gaudi, B. ScottCollins, Karen A.Guerrero, NataliaRelles, Howard M.Barclay, ThomasBatalha, Natalie M.Berlind, PerryBieryla, AllysonBouma, L. G.Boyd, Patricia T.Burt, JenniferCalkins, Michael L.Christiansen, JessieCiardi, David R.Colón, Knicole D.Conti, Dennis M.Crossfield, Ian J. M.Daylan, TansuDittmann, JasonDragomir, DianaDynes, ScottEspinoza, NéstorEsquerdo, Gilbert A.Essack, ZahraGarcia Soto, AylinGlidden, AnaGünther, Maximilian N.Henning, ThomasJenkins, Jon M.Kielkopf, John F.Krishnamurthy, AkshataLaw, Nicholas M.Levine, Alan M.Lewin, PabloMann, Andrew W.Morgan, Edward H.Morris, Robert L.Oelkers, Ryan J.Paegert, MartinPepper, JoshuaQuintana, Elisa V.Ricker, George R.Rowden, PamelaSeager, SaraSarkis, PaulaSchlieder, Joshua E.Sha, LizhouTokovinin, AndreiTorres, GuillermoVanderspek, Roland K.Villanueva, Steven, Jr.Villaseñor, Jesus NoelWinn, Joshua N.Wohler, BillWong, IanYahalomi, Daniel A.Yu, LiangZhan, ZhuchangZhou, GeorgeDOI: info:10.3847/1538-3881/ab11d9v. 157191
Rodriguez, Joseph E., Quinn, Samuel N., Huang, Chelsea X., Vanderburg, Andrew, Penev, Kaloyan, Brahm, Rafael, Jordán, Andrés, Ikwut-Ukwa, Mma, Tsirulik, Shelly, Latham, David W., Stassun, Keivan G., Shporer, Avi, Ziegler, Carl, Matthews, Elisabeth, Eastman, Jason D., Gaudi, B. Scott, Collins, Karen A., Guerrero, Natalia, Relles, Howard M., Barclay, Thomas, Batalha, Natalie M., Berlind, Perry, Bieryla, Allyson, Bouma, L. G., Boyd, Patricia T. et al. 2019. "An Eccentric Massive Jupiter Orbiting a Subgiant on a 9.5-day Period Discovered in the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite Full Frame Images." The Astronomical Journal 157:191.
ID: 151870
Type: article
Authors: Rodriguez, Joseph E.; Quinn, Samuel N.; Huang, Chelsea X.; Vanderburg, Andrew; Penev, Kaloyan; Brahm, Rafael; Jordán, Andrés; Ikwut-Ukwa, Mma; Tsirulik, Shelly; Latham, David W.; Stassun, Keivan G.; Shporer, Avi; Ziegler, Carl; Matthews, Elisabeth; Eastman, Jason D.; Gaudi, B. Scott; Collins, Karen A.; Guerrero, Natalia; Relles, Howard M.; Barclay, Thomas; Batalha, Natalie M.; Berlind, Perry; Bieryla, Allyson; Bouma, L. G.; Boyd, Patricia T.; Burt, Jennifer; Calkins, Michael L.; Christiansen, Jessie; Ciardi, David R.; Colón, Knicole D.; Conti, Dennis M.; Crossfield, Ian J. M.; Daylan, Tansu; Dittmann, Jason; Dragomir, Diana; Dynes, Scott; Espinoza, Néstor; Esquerdo, Gilbert A.; Essack, Zahra; Garcia Soto, Aylin; Glidden, Ana; Günther, Maximilian N.; Henning, Thomas; Jenkins, Jon M.; Kielkopf, John F.; Krishnamurthy, Akshata; Law, Nicholas M.; Levine, Alan M.; Lewin, Pablo; Mann, Andrew W.; Morgan, Edward H.; Morris, Robert L.; Oelkers, Ryan J.; Paegert, Martin; Pepper, Joshua; Quintana, Elisa V.; Ricker, George R.; Rowden, Pamela; Seager, Sara; Sarkis, Paula; Schlieder, Joshua E.; Sha, Lizhou; Tokovinin, Andrei; Torres, Guillermo; Vanderspek, Roland K.; Villanueva, Steven, Jr.; Villaseñor, Jesus Noel; Winn, Joshua N.; Wohler, Bill; Wong, Ian; Yahalomi, Daniel A.; Yu, Liang; Zhan, Zhuchang; Zhou, George
Abstract: We report the discovery of TOI-172 b from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission, a massive hot Jupiter transiting a slightly evolved G star with a 9.48-day orbital period. This is the first planet to be confirmed from analysis of only the TESS full frame images, because the host star was not chosen as a two-minute cadence target. From a global analysis of the TESS photometry and follow-up observations carried out by the TESS Follow-up Observing Program Working Group, TOI-172 (TIC 29857954) is a slightly evolved star with an effective temperature of T eff = 5645 ± 50 K, a mass of M = {1.128}-0.061+0.065 M , radius of R = {1.777}-0.044+0.047 R , a surface gravity of log g = {3.993}-0.028+0.027, and an age of {7.4}-1.5+1.6 {Gyr}. Its planetary companion (TOI-172 b) has a radius of R P = {0.965}-0.029+0.032 R J, a mass of M P = {5.42}-0.20+0.22 M J, and is on an eccentric orbit (e={0.3806}-0.0090+0.0093). TOI-172 b is one of the few known massive giant planets on a highly eccentric short-period orbit. Future study of the atmosphere of this planet and its system architecture offer opportunities to understand the formation and evolution of similar systems.
The Revised TESS Input Catalog and Candidate Target ListStassun, Keivan G.Oelkers, Ryan J.Paegert, MartinTorres, GuillermoPepper, JoshuaDe Lee, NathanCollins, KevinLatham, David W.Muirhead, Philip S.Chittidi, JayRojas-Ayala, BárbaraFleming, Scott W.Rose, Mark E.Tenenbaum, PeterTing, Eric B.Kane, Stephen R.Barclay, ThomasBean, Jacob L.Brassuer, C. E.Charbonneau, DavidGe, JianLissauer, Jack J.Mann, Andrew W.McLean, BrianMullally, SusanNarita, NorioPlavchan, PeterRicker, George R.Sasselov, DimitarSeager, S.Sharma, SanjibShiao, BernieSozzetti, AlessandroStello, DennisVanderspek, RolandWallace, GeoffWinn, Joshua N.DOI: info:10.3847/1538-3881/ab3467v. 158138
Stassun, Keivan G., Oelkers, Ryan J., Paegert, Martin, Torres, Guillermo, Pepper, Joshua, De Lee, Nathan, Collins, Kevin, Latham, David W., Muirhead, Philip S., Chittidi, Jay, Rojas-Ayala, Bárbara, Fleming, Scott W., Rose, Mark E., Tenenbaum, Peter, Ting, Eric B., Kane, Stephen R., Barclay, Thomas, Bean, Jacob L., Brassuer, C. E., Charbonneau, David, Ge, Jian, Lissauer, Jack J., Mann, Andrew W., McLean, Brian, Mullally, Susan et al. 2019. "The Revised TESS Input Catalog and Candidate Target List." The Astronomical Journal 158:138.
ID: 154721
Type: article
Authors: Stassun, Keivan G.; Oelkers, Ryan J.; Paegert, Martin; Torres, Guillermo; Pepper, Joshua; De Lee, Nathan; Collins, Kevin; Latham, David W.; Muirhead, Philip S.; Chittidi, Jay; Rojas-Ayala, Bárbara; Fleming, Scott W.; Rose, Mark E.; Tenenbaum, Peter; Ting, Eric B.; Kane, Stephen R.; Barclay, Thomas; Bean, Jacob L.; Brassuer, C. E.; Charbonneau, David; Ge, Jian; Lissauer, Jack J.; Mann, Andrew W.; McLean, Brian; Mullally, Susan; Narita, Norio; Plavchan, Peter; Ricker, George R.; Sasselov, Dimitar; Seager, S.; Sharma, Sanjib; Shiao, Bernie; Sozzetti, Alessandro; Stello, Dennis; Vanderspek, Roland; Wallace, Geoff; Winn, Joshua N.
Abstract: We describe the catalogs assembled and the algorithms used to populate the revised TESS Input Catalog (TIC), based on the incorporation of the Gaia second data release. We also describe a revised ranking system for prioritizing stars for 2 minute cadence observations, and we assemble a revised Candidate Target List (CTL) using that ranking. The TIC is available on the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes server, and an enhanced CTL is available through the Filtergraph data visualization portal system at ht tp://
TESS Discovery of an Ultra-short-period Planet around the Nearby M Dwarf LHS 3844Vanderspek, RolandHuang, Chelsea X.Vanderburg, AndrewRicker, George R.Latham, David W.Seager, SaraWinn, Joshua N.Jenkins, Jon M.Burt, JenniferDittmann, JasonNewton, ElisabethQuinn, Samuel N.Shporer, AviCharbonneau, DavidIrwin, JonathanMent, KristoWinters, Jennifer G.Collins, Karen A.Evans, PhilGan, TianjunHart, RhodesJensen, Eric L. N.Kielkopf, JohnMao, ShudeWaalkes, WilliamBouchy, FrançoisMarmier, MaximeNielsen, Louise D.Ottoni, GaëlPepe, FrancescoSégransan, DamienUdry, StéphaneHenry, ToddParedes, Leonardo A.James, Hodari-SadikiHinojosa, Rodrigo H.Silverstein, Michele L.Palle, EnricBerta-Thompson, ZachoryCrossfield, IanDavies, Misty D.Dragomir, DianaFausnaugh, MichaelGlidden, AnaPepper, JoshuaMorgan, Edward H.Rose, MarkTwicken, Joseph D.Villaseñor, Jesus Noel S.Yu, LiangBakos, GasparBean, JacobBuchhave, Lars A.Christensen-Dalsgaard, JørgenChristiansen, Jessie L.Ciardi, David R.Clampin, MarkDe Lee, NathanDeming, DrakeDoty, JohnJernigan, J. GarrettKaltenegger, LisaLissauer, Jack J.McCullough, P. R.Narita, NorioPaegert, MartinPal, AndrasRinehart, StephenSasselov, DimitarSato, Bun'eiSozzetti, AlessandroStassun, Keivan G.Torres, GuillermoDOI: info:10.3847/2041-8213/aafb7av. 871L24
Vanderspek, Roland, Huang, Chelsea X., Vanderburg, Andrew, Ricker, George R., Latham, David W., Seager, Sara, Winn, Joshua N., Jenkins, Jon M., Burt, Jennifer, Dittmann, Jason, Newton, Elisabeth, Quinn, Samuel N., Shporer, Avi, Charbonneau, David, Irwin, Jonathan, Ment, Kristo, Winters, Jennifer G., Collins, Karen A., Evans, Phil, Gan, Tianjun, Hart, Rhodes, Jensen, Eric L. N., Kielkopf, John, Mao, Shude, Waalkes, William et al. 2019. "TESS Discovery of an Ultra-short-period Planet around the Nearby M Dwarf LHS 3844." Astrophysical Journal Letters 871:L24.
ID: 150534
Type: article
Authors: Vanderspek, Roland; Huang, Chelsea X.; Vanderburg, Andrew; Ricker, George R.; Latham, David W.; Seager, Sara; Winn, Joshua N.; Jenkins, Jon M.; Burt, Jennifer; Dittmann, Jason; Newton, Elisabeth; Quinn, Samuel N.; Shporer, Avi; Charbonneau, David; Irwin, Jonathan; Ment, Kristo; Winters, Jennifer G.; Collins, Karen A.; Evans, Phil; Gan, Tianjun; Hart, Rhodes; Jensen, Eric L. N.; Kielkopf, John; Mao, Shude; Waalkes, William; Bouchy, François; Marmier, Maxime; Nielsen, Louise D.; Ottoni, Gaël; Pepe, Francesco; Ségransan, Damien; Udry, Stéphane; Henry, Todd; Paredes, Leonardo A.; James, Hodari-Sadiki; Hinojosa, Rodrigo H.; Silverstein, Michele L.; Palle, Enric; Berta-Thompson, Zachory; Crossfield, Ian; Davies, Misty D.; Dragomir, Diana; Fausnaugh, Michael; Glidden, Ana; Pepper, Joshua; Morgan, Edward H.; Rose, Mark; Twicken, Joseph D.; Villaseñor, Jesus Noel S.; Yu, Liang; Bakos, Gaspar; Bean, Jacob; Buchhave, Lars A.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, Jørgen; Christiansen, Jessie L.; Ciardi, David R.; Clampin, Mark; De Lee, Nathan; Deming, Drake; Doty, John; Jernigan, J. Garrett; Kaltenegger, Lisa; Lissauer, Jack J.; McCullough, P. R.; Narita, Norio; Paegert, Martin; Pal, Andras; Rinehart, Stephen; Sasselov, Dimitar; Sato, Bun'ei; Sozzetti, Alessandro; Stassun, Keivan G.; Torres, Guillermo
Abstract: Data from the newly commissioned Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite has revealed a "hot Earth" around LHS 3844, an M dwarf located 15 pc away. The planet has a radius of 1.303+/- 0.022 R and orbits the star every 11 hr. Although the existence of an atmosphere around such a strongly irradiated planet is questionable, the star is bright enough (I = 11.9, K = 9.1) for this possibility to be investigated with transit and occultation spectroscopy. The star's brightness and the planet's short period will also facilitate the measurement of the planet's mass through Doppler spectroscopy.
HD 202772A b: A Transiting Hot Jupiter around a Bright, Mildly Evolved Star in a Visual Binary Discovered by TESSWang, SonghuJones, MatiasShporer, AviFulton, Benjamin J.Paredes, Leonardo A.Trifonov, TrifonKossakowski, DianaEastman, JasonRedfield, SethGünther, Maximilian N.Kreidberg, LauraHuang, Chelsea X.Millholland, SarahSeligman, DarrylFischer, DebraBrahm, RafaelWang, Xian-YuCruz, BryndisHenry, ToddJames, Hodari-SadikiAddison, BrettLiang, En-SiDavis, Allen B.Tronsgaard, RenéWorku, KeduseBrewer, John M.Kürster, MartinZhang, HuiBeichman, Charles A.Bieryla, AllysonBrown, Timothy M.Christiansen, Jessie L.Ciardi, David R.Collins, Karen A.Esquerdo, Gilbert A.Howard, Andrew W.Isaacson, HowardLatham, David W.Mazeh, TseviPetigura, Erik A.Quinn, Samuel N.Shahaf, SaharSiverd, Robert J.Rodler, FlorianReffert, SabineZakhozhay, OlgaRicker, George R.Vanderspek, RolandSeager, SaraWinn, Joshua N.Jenkins, Jon M.Boyd, Patricia T.Fűrész, GáborHenze, ChristopherLevine, Alen M.Morris, RobertPaegert, MartinStassun, Keivan G.Ting, Eric B.Vezie, MichaelLaughlin, GregoryDOI: info:10.3847/1538-3881/aaf1b7v. 15751
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ID: 150535
Type: article
Authors: Wang, Songhu; Jones, Matias; Shporer, Avi; Fulton, Benjamin J.; Paredes, Leonardo A.; Trifonov, Trifon; Kossakowski, Diana; Eastman, Jason; Redfield, Seth; Günther, Maximilian N.; Kreidberg, Laura; Huang, Chelsea X.; Millholland, Sarah; Seligman, Darryl; Fischer, Debra; Brahm, Rafael; Wang, Xian-Yu; Cruz, Bryndis; Henry, Todd; James, Hodari-Sadiki; Addison, Brett; Liang, En-Si; Davis, Allen B.; Tronsgaard, René; Worku, Keduse; Brewer, John M.; Kürster, Martin; Zhang, Hui; Beichman, Charles A.; Bieryla, Allyson; Brown, Timothy M.; Christiansen, Jessie L.; Ciardi, David R.; Collins, Karen A.; Esquerdo, Gilbert A.; Howard, Andrew W.; Isaacson, Howard; Latham, David W.; Mazeh, Tsevi; Petigura, Erik A.; Quinn, Samuel N.; Shahaf, Sahar; Siverd, Robert J.; Rodler, Florian; Reffert, Sabine; Zakhozhay, Olga; Ricker, George R.; Vanderspek, Roland; Seager, Sara; Winn, Joshua N.; Jenkins, Jon M.; Boyd, Patricia T.; Fűrész, Gábor; Henze, Christopher; Levine, Alen M.; Morris, Robert; Paegert, Martin; Stassun, Keivan G.; Ting, Eric B.; Vezie, Michael; Laughlin, Gregory
Abstract: We report the first confirmation of a hot Jupiter discovered by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission: HD 202772A b. The transit signal was detected in the data from TESS Sector 1, and was confirmed to be of planetary origin through radial velocity (RV) measurements. HD 202772A b is orbiting a mildly evolved star with a period of 3.3 days. With an apparent magnitude of V = 8.3, the star is among the brightest and most massive known to host a hot Jupiter. Based on the 27 days of TESS photometry and RV data from the CHIRON, HARPS, and Tillinghast Reflector Echelle Spectrograph, the planet has a mass of {1.017}-0.068+0.070 {M}{{J}} and radius of {1.545}-0.060+0.052 {R}{{J}}, making it an inflated gas giant. HD 202772A b is a rare example of a transiting hot Jupiter around a quickly evolving star. It is also one of the most strongly irradiated hot Jupiters currently known.
Erratum: The TESS Input Catalog and Candidate Target List ( 2018, AJ, 156, 102)Stassun, Keivan G.Oelkers, Ryan J.Pepper, JoshuaPaegert, MartinBastien, Fabian A.De Lee, NathanTorres, GuillermoLatham, David W.DOI: info:10.3847/1538-3881/aade86v. 156183
Stassun, Keivan G., Oelkers, Ryan J., Pepper, Joshua, Paegert, Martin, Bastien, Fabian A., De Lee, Nathan, Torres, Guillermo, and Latham, David W. 2018. "Erratum: The TESS Input Catalog and Candidate Target List ( 2018, AJ, 156, 102)." The Astronomical Journal 156:183.
ID: 149404
Type: article
Authors: Stassun, Keivan G.; Oelkers, Ryan J.; Pepper, Joshua; Paegert, Martin; Bastien, Fabian A.; De Lee, Nathan; Torres, Guillermo; Latham, David W.
The TESS Input Catalog and Candidate Target ListStassun, Keivan G.Oelkers, Ryan J.Pepper, JoshuaPaegert, MartinDe Lee, NathanTorres, GuillermoLatham, David W.Charpinet, StéphaneDressing, Courtney D.Huber, DanielKane, Stephen R.Lépine, SébastienMann, AndrewMuirhead, Philip S.Rojas-Ayala, BárbaraSilvotti, RobertoFleming, Scott W.Levine, AlPlavchan, PeterDOI: info:10.3847/1538-3881/aad050v. 156102
Stassun, Keivan G., Oelkers, Ryan J., Pepper, Joshua, Paegert, Martin, De Lee, Nathan, Torres, Guillermo, Latham, David W., Charpinet, Stéphane, Dressing, Courtney D., Huber, Daniel, Kane, Stephen R., Lépine, Sébastien, Mann, Andrew, Muirhead, Philip S., Rojas-Ayala, Bárbara, Silvotti, Roberto, Fleming, Scott W., Levine, Al, and Plavchan, Peter. 2018. "The TESS Input Catalog and Candidate Target List." The Astronomical Journal 156:102.
ID: 149186
Type: article
Authors: Stassun, Keivan G.; Oelkers, Ryan J.; Pepper, Joshua; Paegert, Martin; De Lee, Nathan; Torres, Guillermo; Latham, David W.; Charpinet, Stéphane; Dressing, Courtney D.; Huber, Daniel; Kane, Stephen R.; Lépine, Sébastien; Mann, Andrew; Muirhead, Philip S.; Rojas-Ayala, Bárbara; Silvotti, Roberto; Fleming, Scott W.; Levine, Al; Plavchan, Peter
Abstract: The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) will be conducting a nearly all-sky photometric survey over two years, with a core mission goal to discover small transiting exoplanets orbiting nearby bright stars. It will obtain 30 minute cadence observations of all objects in the TESS fields of view, along with two-minute cadence observations of 200,000–400,000 selected stars. The choice of which stars to observe at the two-minute cadence is driven by the need to detect small transiting planets, which leads to the selection of primarily bright, cool dwarfs. We describe the catalogs assembled and the algorithms used to populate the TESS Input Catalog (TIC), including plans to update the TIC with the incorporation of the Gaia second data release in the near future. We also describe a ranking system for prioritizing stars according to the smallest transiting planet detectable, and assemble a Candidate Target List (CTL) using that ranking. We discuss additional factors that affect the ability to photometrically detect and dynamically confirm small planets, and we note additional stellar populations of interest that may be added to the final target list. The TIC is available on the STScI MAST server, and an enhanced CTL is available through the Filtergraph data visualization portal system at the URL
The Eleventh and Twelfth Data Releases of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Final Data from SDSS-IIIAlam, ShadabAlbareti, Franco D.Allende Prieto, CarlosAnders, F.Anderson, Scott F.Anderton, TimothyAndrews, Brett H.Armengaud, EricAubourg, ÉricBailey, StephenBasu, SarbaniBautista, Julian E.Beaton, Rachael L.Beers, Timothy C.Bender, Chad F.Berlind, Andreas A.Beutler, FlorianBhardwaj, VaishaliBird, Jonathan C.Bizyaev, DmitryBlake, Cullen H.Blanton, Michael R.Blomqvist, MichaelBochanski, John J.Bolton, Adam S.Bovy, JoShelden Bradley, A.Brandt, W. N.Brauer, D. E.Brinkmann, J.Brown, Peter J.Brownstein, Joel R.Burden, AngelaBurtin, EtienneBusca, Nicolás G.Cai, ZhengCapozzi, DiegoCarnero Rosell, AurelioCarr, Michael A.Carrera, RicardoChambers, K. C.Chaplin, William JamesChen, Yen-ChiChiappini, CristinaChojnowski, S. DrewChuang, Chia-HsunClerc, NicolasComparat, JohanCovey, KevinCroft, Rupert A. C.Cuesta, Antonio J.Cunha, Katiada Costa, Luiz N.Da Rio, NicolaDavenport, James R. 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ID: 136958
Type: article
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Abstract: The third generation of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-III) took data from 2008 to 2014 using the original SDSS wide-field imager, the original and an upgraded multi-object fiber-fed optical spectrograph, a new near-infrared high-resolution spectrograph, and a novel optical interferometer. All of the data from SDSS-III are now made public. In particular, this paper describes Data Release 11 (DR11) including all data acquired through 2013 July, and Data Release 12 (DR12) adding data acquired through 2014 July (including all data included in previous data releases), marking the end of SDSS-III observing. Relative to our previous public release (DR10), DR12 adds one million new spectra of galaxies and quasars from the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS) over an additional 3000 deg2 of sky, more than triples the number of H-band spectra of stars as part of the Apache Point Observatory (APO) Galactic Evolution Experiment (APOGEE), and includes repeated accurate radial velocity measurements of 5500 stars from the Multi-object APO Radial Velocity Exoplanet Large-area Survey (MARVELS). The APOGEE outputs now include the measured abundances of 15 different elements for each star. In total, SDSS-III added 5200 deg2 of ugriz imaging; 155,520 spectra of 138,099 stars as part of the Sloan Exploration of Galactic Understanding and Evolution 2 (SEGUE-2) survey; 2,497,484 BOSS spectra of 1,372,737 galaxies, 294,512 quasars, and 247,216 stars over 9376 deg2; 618,080 APOGEE spectra of 156,593 stars; and 197,040 MARVELS spectra of 5513 stars. Since its first light in 1998, SDSS has imaged over 1/3 of the Celestial sphere in five bands and obtained over five million astronomical spectra.
The K2-ESPRINT Project I: Discovery of the Disintegrating Rocky Planet K2-22b with a Cometary Head and Leading TailSanchis-Ojeda, R.Rappaport, S.Pallè, E.Delrez, L.DeVore, J.Gandolfi, D.Fukui, A.Ribas, I.Stassun, K. G.Albrecht, S.Dai, F.Gaidos, E.Gillon, M.Hirano, T.Holman, M.Howard, A. W.Isaacson, H.Jehin, E.Kuzuhara, M.Mann, A. W.Marcy, G. W.Miles-Páez, P. A.Montañés-Rodríguez, P.Murgas, F.Narita, N.Nowak, G.Onitsuka, M.Paegert, M.Van Eylen, V.Winn, J. N.Yu, L.DOI: info:10.1088/0004-637X/812/2/112v. 812112
Sanchis-Ojeda, R., Rappaport, S., Pallè, E., Delrez, L., DeVore, J., Gandolfi, D., Fukui, A., Ribas, I., Stassun, K. G., Albrecht, S., Dai, F., Gaidos, E., Gillon, M., Hirano, T., Holman, M., Howard, A. W., Isaacson, H., Jehin, E., Kuzuhara, M., Mann, A. W., Marcy, G. W., Miles-Páez, P. A., Montañés-Rodríguez, P., Murgas, F., Narita, N. et al. 2015. "The K2-ESPRINT Project I: Discovery of the Disintegrating Rocky Planet K2-22b with a Cometary Head and Leading Tail." The Astrophysical Journal 812:112.
ID: 140578
Type: article
Authors: Sanchis-Ojeda, R.; Rappaport, S.; Pallè, E.; Delrez, L.; DeVore, J.; Gandolfi, D.; Fukui, A.; Ribas, I.; Stassun, K. G.; Albrecht, S.; Dai, F.; Gaidos, E.; Gillon, M.; Hirano, T.; Holman, M.; Howard, A. W.; Isaacson, H.; Jehin, E.; Kuzuhara, M.; Mann, A. W.; Marcy, G. W.; Miles-Páez, P. A.; Montañés-Rodríguez, P.; Murgas, F.; Narita, N.; Nowak, G.; Onitsuka, M.; Paegert, M.; Van Eylen, V.; Winn, J. N.; Yu, L.
Abstract: We present the discovery of a transiting exoplanet candidate in the K2 Field-1 with an orbital period of 9.1457 hr: K2-22b. The highly variable transit depths, ranging from ~0% to 1.3%, are suggestive of a planet that is disintegrating via the emission of dusty effluents. We characterize the host star as an M-dwarf with Teff ? 3800 K. We have obtained ground-based transit measurements with several 1-m class telescopes and with the GTC. These observations (1) improve the transit ephemeris; (2) confirm the variable nature of the transit depths; (3) indicate variations in the transit shapes; and (4) demonstrate clearly that at least on one occasion the transit depths were significantly wavelength dependent. The latter three effects tend to indicate extinction of starlight by dust rather than by any combination of solid bodies. The K2 observations yield a folded light curve with lower time resolution but with substantially better statistical precision compared with the ground-based observations. We detect a significant “bump” just after the transit egress, and a less significant bump just prior to transit ingress. We interpret these bumps in the context of a planet that is not only likely streaming a dust tail behind it, but also has a more prominent leading dust trail that precedes it. This effect is modeled in terms of dust grains that can escape to beyond the planet's Hill sphere and effectively undergo “Roche lobe overflow,” even though the planet's surface is likely underfilling its Roche lobe by a factor of 2.
SDSS-III: Massive Spectroscopic Surveys of the Distant Universe, the Milky Way, and Extra-Solar Planetary SystemsEisenstein, Daniel J.Weinberg, David H.Agol, EricAihara, HiroakiAllende Prieto, CarlosAnderson, Scott F.Arns, James A.Aubourg, ÉricBailey, StephenBalbinot, EduardoBarkhouser, RobertBeers, Timothy C.Berlind, Andreas A.Bickerton, Steven J.Bizyaev, DmitryBlanton, Michael R.Bochanski, John J.Bolton, Adam S.Bosman, Casey T.Bovy, JoBrandt, W. N.Breslauer, BenBrewington, Howard J.Brinkmann, J.Brown, Peter J.Brownstein, Joel R.Burger, DanBusca, Nicolas G.Campbell, HeatherCargile, Phillip A.Carithers, William C.Carlberg, Joleen K.Carr, Michael A.Chang, LiangChen, YanmeiChiappini, CristinaComparat, JohanConnolly, NataliaCortes, MarinaCroft, Rupert A. C.Cunha, Katiada Costa, Luiz N.Davenport, James R. A.Dawson, KyleDe Lee, NathanPorto de Mello, Gustavo Simoni, FernandoDean, JaniceDhital, SauravEalet, AnneEbelke, Garrett L.Edmondson, Edward M.Eiting, Jacob M.Escoffier, StephanieEsposito, MassimilianoEvans, Michael L.Fan, XiaohuiFemenía Castellá, BrunoDutra Ferreira, LeticiaFitzgerald, GregFleming, Scott W.Font-Ribera, AndreuFord, Eric B.Frinchaboy, Peter M.Elia García Pérez, AnaGaudi, B. ScottGe, JianGhezzi, LuanGillespie, Bruce A.Gilmore, G.Girardi, LéoGott, J. RichardGould, AndrewGrebel, Eva K.Gunn, James E.Hamilton, Jean-ChristopheHarding, PaulHarris, David W.Hawley, Suzanne L.Hearty, Frederick R.Hennawi, Joseph F.González Hernández, Jonay I.Ho, ShirleyHogg, David W.Holtzman, Jon A.Honscheid, KlausInada, NaohisaIvans, Inese I.Jiang, LinhuaJiang, PengJohnson, Jennifer A.Jordan, CathyJordan, Wendell P.Kauffmann, GuinevereKazin, EyalKirkby, DavidKlaene, Mark A.Knapp, G. R.Kneib, Jean-PaulKochanek, C. S.Koesterke, LarsKollmeier, Juna A.Kron, Richard G.Lampeitl, HubertLang, DustinLawler, James E.Le Goff, Jean-MarcLee, Brian L.Lee, Young SunLeisenring, Jarron M.Lin, Yen-TingLiu, JianLong, Daniel C.Loomis, Craig P.Lucatello, SaraLundgren, BrittLupton, Robert H.Ma, BoMa, ZhiboMacDonald, NicholasMack, ClaudeMahadevan, SuvrathMaia, Marcio A. G.Majewski, Steven R.Makler, MartinMalanushenko, ElenaMalanushenko, ViktorMandelbaum, RachelMaraston, ClaudiaMargala, DanielMaseman, PaulMasters, Karen L.McBride, Cameron K.McDonald, PatrickMcGreer, Ian D.McMahon, Richard G.Mena Requejo, OlgaMénard, BriceMiralda-Escudé, JordiMorrison, Heather L.Mullally, FergalMuna, DemitriMurayama, HitoshiMyers, Adam D.Naugle, TracyFausti Neto, AngeloCuong Nguyen, DuyNichol, Robert C.Nidever, David L.O'Connell, Robert W.Ogando, Ricardo L. C.Olmstead, Matthew D.Oravetz, Daniel J.Padmanabhan, NikhilPaegert, MartinPalanque-Delabrouille, NathaliePandey, ParulParejko, John K.Pâris, IsabellePellegrini, PauloPepper, JoshuaPercival, Will J.Petitjean, PatrickPfaffenberger, RobertPforr, JaninePhleps, StefaniePichon, ChristophePieri, Matthew M.Prada, FranciscoPrice-Whelan, Adrian M.Raddick, M. JordanRamos, Beatriz H. F.Reid, I. NeillReyle, CelineRich, JamesRichards, Gordon T.Rieke, George H.Rieke, Marcia J.Rix, Hans-WalterRobin, Annie C.Rocha-Pinto, Helio J.Rockosi, Constance M.Roe, Natalie A.Rollinde, EmmanuelRoss, Ashley J.Ross, Nicholas P.Rossetto, BrunoSánchez, Ariel G.Santiago, BasilioSayres, ConorSchiavon, RicardoSchlegel, David J.Schlesinger, Katharine J.Schmidt, Sarah J.Schneider, Donald P.Sellgren, KrisShelden, AlainaSheldon, ErinShetrone, MatthewShu, YipingSilverman, John D.Simmerer, JenniferSimmons, Audrey E.Sivarani, ThirupathiSkrutskie, M. F.Slosar, AnžeSmee, StephenSmith, Verne V.Snedden, Stephanie A.Stassun, Keivan G.Steele, OliverSteinmetz, MatthiasStockett, Mark H.Stollberg, ToddStrauss, Michael A.Szalay, Alexander S.Tanaka, MasayukiThakar, Aniruddha R.Thomas, DanielTinker, Jeremy L.Tofflemire, Benjamin M.Tojeiro, RitaTremonti, Christy A.Vargas Magaña, MarianaVerde, LiciaVogt, Nicole P.Wake, David A.Wan, XiaokeWang, JiWeaver, Benjamin A.White, MartinWhite, Simon D. M.Wilson, John C.Wisniewski, John P.Wood-Vasey, W. MichaelYanny, BrianYasuda, NaokiYèche, ChristopheYork, Donald G.Young, ErickZasowski, GailZehavi, IditZhao, BoDOI: info:10.1088/0004-6256/142/3/72v. 14272
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ID: 102738
Type: article
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Abstract: Building on the legacy of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-I and II), SDSS-III is a program of four spectroscopic surveys on three scientific themes: dark energy and cosmological parameters, the history and structure of the Milky Way, and the population of giant planets around other stars. In keeping with SDSS tradition, SDSS-III will provide regular public releases of all its data, beginning with SDSS Data Release 8 (DR8), which was made public in 2011 January and includes SDSS-I and SDSS-II images and spectra reprocessed with the latest pipelines and calibrations produced for the SDSS-III investigations. This paper presents an overview of the four surveys that comprise SDSS-III. The Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey will measure redshifts of 1.5 million massive galaxies and Ly? forest spectra